My Father's Business Ministries & Services

Where Lives are Invested In...Acts 2:38-47

SWAT Ministries
Spiritual Warfare Advancement Tactics

Our Ministries are built on five Biblical Principles: Evangelism, Discipleship, Prayer, Faith, and Spiritual Warfare. Our Ministries purpose is to provide spiritual, physical, educational, psychological, economical and other necessary resources for families and persons. MFBMS Ministries are Christ-centered, dependent upon the power of the Holy Spirit, to manifest the wisdom and glory of God. Our ministries focus on:

1. Worship: To usher people to present themselves as holy, acceptable and living sacrifices to glorify the one true God, reverence His Son, Jesus Christ, and honor the Holy Spirit.

2. The Word: To effectively learn, live, love, preach and teach the Word of God and create an environment in which the grace of God may be experienced.

3. Training for Ministry (Serving): To train a people who recognize their purpose and callings in the Body of Christ and the Kingdom of God. To help them discover, develop, and dedicate their time, talents, treasures and gifts for ministry.

4. Prayer and Fasting: To maintain a discipline in prayer and fasting in the individual and corporate life which is consistent with God's Word. Interceding to overthrow the kingdom of darkness from dominating in any of the affairs of mankind on all levels: personally, locally, nationally or internationally.

5. Evangelizing and Discipleship: To motivate believers to love mankind and be committed to the Great Commission; to empower and equip every age group to effectively share the Word of God and their personal testimony; to invest time, talent, and treasures to meet human needs in the community.

6. Unity of Believers: To function within the local, national, global and spiritual fellowship of believers in Christ Jesus.

7. Finances: To encourage believers to be faithful stewards and use every God-given resource to advance God’s purpose through this ministry and other God- ordained and appointed ministries.