My Father's Business Ministries & Services

Where Lives are Invested In...Acts 2:38-47

Our Soldier's Creed


WE ARE SOLDIERS in the Army of God. We salute Jesus Christ, our General, Lord and King. We render arms to the Holy Spirit, our Commander, Comforter and Counselor. The Bible is our Code of Conduct. Faith, hope, truth, peace, love, prayer, righteousness and the Sword of the Spirit are our weapons of warfare. We will use our weapons with spiritual purpose, precision, provision and power to expose and destroy the works of Satan, the world, and the flesh.

WE ARE SOLDIERS in the Body of Christ. We are living stones of the Chief Cornerstone in God's Building and family members in His Household. We are the temple of the Holy Spirit. We present our body as living sacrifices, holy and acceptable to God, as true worship. We are temples not made with the hands of man and where God inhabits our praise. We are houses built on the foundation of the ROCK to withstand any storm.

WE ARE SOLDIERS of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. We are not ashamed to preach the message of repentance and salvation to the lost in demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit with signs, wonders and miracles. Our lives bear witness of the miraculous power of the Gospel to transform the lives of sinners. We are conformed in the image and likeness of God's dear Son, Jesus Christ. We are new creations; old things are passed away. It's in Him we live; we move and have our being.

WE ARE SOLDIERS in the Army of the Lord. We stand boldly in the presence of God to receive Grace and Mercy in times of need. We are seated with Christ in heavenly places to bless those in need. We are taught by the Holy Spirit, trained by experience, tried by adversities and tested by fire. We are disciplined, healed and spiritually fit to fight the good fight of faith and endure the perilous times of these last days. We cannot fail because all things work together for our good because we love God and we are called by Him according to His purpose.

WE ARE SOLDIERS enlisted for eternity. We will not get out, be talked out or sell out. We will not give up, give in or be turned around. We are not ignorant of the devices or schemes of Satan. In Jesus Name, they are powerless and ineffective against us. Doubt can't deceive us - Sickness can't stop us - Weather can't weary us - Circumstances can't control us - Money can't buy us - Religion can't restrain us - People can't persecute us - Governments can't silence us - Satan can't scare us - Demons can't destroy us- Hell can't handle us - even Death can't defeat us.

clothed in the Robe of Righteousness, arrayed in the Armor of God. We are guaranteed victory in all our battles and peace in every storm. We are alive in Christ and dead to the world. We are blessed and not cursed. We are the lenders and not the borrowers. Love is the only debt we owe. We are free and not bound. We stand firm as fruitful ground. WE ARE GOD'S SOLDIERS marching heaven bound.