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Our Ministry Team

Brother Willie Holsendolph

Willie Holsendolph is the Pastor of My Fathers Business Ministries and Services and the Chief Executive Officer of We C.A.R.E Financial Institute, an auxilary ministries of My Father's Business Ministries and Services.

Pastor Willie received Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord over his life and was baptized when he was 14 years old. At the age of 27. He re-dedicated his life back to Christ in Seoul, Korea at Life More Abundantly (LMA) on December 16, 2001. Throughout the years, Pastor Willie has lead Audio/Visual Ministry and Men's Ministry and served in areas of ministry such as evangelist outreach to include jail/prison, orphanage and hospital visits.  

Pastor Willie is a retired United States Army Veteran with 20 years of service. He specializes in finances, leadership, and logistics. He is knowledgeable and skilled in writing curriculums, business plans, and grants. His extensive education, training and qualifications include Master Resilience Trainer, Certified Senior Instructor, Small Group Leader, Pastoral and Biblical Studies, World History and Religion, Accounting, Personal Finance, Finance and Business Life Coaching. He has received undergraduate certifications in Marketing, General Management, Entreperneurship, Human Resource, and Financial Planning.

He loves spending time reading the Bible, with his family, friends and helping the others. Pastor Willie is anointed, called, ordained and gifted by our Lord Jesus Christ to be an Apostle to the Body of Christ.

“I am dedicated and committed to the Word of God, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and investing in others.” — Willie Holsendolph

Sister Nicole Holsendolph

Nicole Holsendolph is the Pastor of Kingdom Kids Ministry of My Fathers Business Ministries. She is the founder of Kingdom Kids Daycare and the Treasurer of We C.A.R.E Financial Institute.  

Pastor Nicole received Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord of her life at the age of 12 and dedicated her life to Christ on the 16th of August 2009. Pastor Nicole was water baptized on April 4, 2010 and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit three weeks later. She is anointed, called, ordained and gifted by our Lord Jesus Christ to be a prophet to the Body of Christ.

Pastor Nicole is a medically retired Veteran, serving 10 years in the United States Army as a Transportation Logistical Specialist. In Ministry, Pastor Nicole served as the Planning and Steering Committee assistant and in the office of administrations. She specialize in Tax Preparation with an emphasis on business, property and retirement taxes. Pastor Nicole has additional education in Behavior Counseling, Pastoral and Biblical Studies .  

Pastor Nicole loves being a wife to her husband and mother to her children. She cherishes the time spent with family and friends. Pastor Nicole enjoys reading the Bible and learning new things.

"We C.A.R.E Financial Institute isn’t just a regular business to me it is a way of life. I love having our own business and especially one that really helps people." - Nicole Holsendolph 

Sister Florence Luz Flores aka "Mama Flo"

There is not enough room on this page for me to tell yall about the aweness of Mama Flo... So, I'll let her tell it as soon as she give it to me to put on here. 

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