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Da Storehouse

DA STOREHOUSE is one of the We C.A.R.E Community Centers of My Father’s Business Ministries and Services  that provides temporary and transitional living for individuals and families, who are part of the working homeless population.

  • Temporary Living Quarters is provided to those who are experiencing hardship due to unexplained financial difficulties, divorce, natural disasters or any unplanned or uncontrollable situation that is not a repercussion of negligent lifestyle. Temporary Living Quarters will only be available for six to 12 months.

  • Transitional Living Quarters are available for one to five years to allow people enough time to learn how to budget, become debt free and discipline in life. Residents are required to sign a one year lease every year up to 5years and attend monthly programs on Saturdays. This is an opportunity for those desiring to get back on their feet and devote themselves to stewardship. Transitional housing provides temporary housing for the certain segments of the homeless population, including working homeless, and is set up to transition their residents into permanent, affordable housing.

DA STOREHOUSE operates to transition their residents into permanent, affordable housing in one to five years through services that reintegrate them with society such as job search or starting a business, creating academic and career goals, learning how to budget, buying a house, assistance with transportation, developing standards and disciplines in life.

DA STOREHOUSE programs include volunteer services for Operation Help the Homeless & Others “H2O”, food pantry, clothing closet, job placement, social services enrollment, and financial classes. There are weekly mentorship group meetings every Saturday to monitor goal progress, measure personal passion and maintenance transpired problems.