My Father's Business Ministries & Services

Where Lives are Invested In...Acts 2:38-47

We C.A.R.E Community Church

Exposing the Enemy and Expanding God's Kingdom with Truthful Teaching, Righteous Living and the Gospel.

Saturday Breakfast Fellowship and Bible Study @ 9am

Location: 1003 North 10th Street, Unit 1; Killeen, TX 76541
  • House of God: the pillar and foundation of the truth.

  • House of Prasie & Worship: to present our life as a living sacrifices.

  • House of Fellowship: the Love of God expressed openly to everyone.

  • House of Joy: for strengthening, freeing and defending.

  • House of Reconciliation: to restore peace and love in relationships.

  • House of Faith: to produce spiritual fruit and kingdom results.

  • House of Prayer: to pray with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit starting with the saints, then for neighbors, neighborhoods and neighboring countries.
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