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Affiliate Marketing Program

The purpose of our Affiliate Marketing Program is to foster a partnership and relationship between a business/person, us and their customer and our potential client. For the success of our Affiliate Marketing Program, we divided it into two areas: Business and Individual.

Individual Affiliate Marketing Program

Our Individual Affiliate Marketing Program is a performance-based marketing program that rewards affiliates for promoting and signing people up for our services. Individual Affiliates earn a commission from the profit earned when people (leads) they signed up becomes a client. Along with commission, Individual Affiliates will learn basic marketing strategies, business practices and finance education.

Business Affiliate Marketing Program

With the customer as the focus of our activities, we want to develop a long-term relationship between YOUR BUSINESS – OUR COMPANY – YOUR CUSTOMER – OUR POTENTIAL CLIENT. We foster long-term relationships by:

  1. Integrating businesses into our program who would benefit from using our services.
  2.  Being a valuable no-cost outsourcing partner to help our partners save process time, enhance their business efficiency and increase the sustainability of their revenue.
  3. Updating our business model and strategies to keep services in compliance with our BRAND of Guaranteeing Financial Success!