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We are here with a Heavenly Assignment...

Origin of Our Ministry

MFBMS was born in the state of Missouri on 16th of August 2010 and transitioned to the state of Texas on the 30th of August 2013 by Willie and Nicole Holsendolph. MFBMS was birth to minister reconciliation and restoration of the right relationship of God through the body of Christ (Ekklesia) called the “CHURCH” to the world (mankind). MFBMS is a Community, Church and Christian Outreach Ministry that conducts the work of the Christ inside and outside the walls of the Church (Kirk, "the Building"). We are here directly for God's use. We are not traditional according to man’s religion, but transitional, moving with God's Spirit and timing.

Our Vision - "to C.A.R.E" (1 Samuel 2:8 and Luke 4:18)

We are an anointed ministry of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God: enriching the poor and meeting the needs of the people; healing and delivering the brokenhearted, the oppressed and the sick; freeing the captives; and giving sight to the blind.

Our Mission - "to C.A.R.E" (Isaiah 58:5-12)

We are destined to Change lives of people by loosing bands and burdens of Special Needs and Single Parents – Orphans – Widows (S.O.W). Special Needs, to MFBMS, includes handicap, single parents, veterans, poverty, victims of crisis and emergencies; to Assist people, churches, local services and government with sheltering, feeding and clothing people; to Restore love, life and liberty to people who are burdened with life-controlling problems such as addictions, poverty, depression, stress and singles/marital struggles and to Educate everyone by hosting life seminars, workshops and religious services that only consist of Sunday weekly celebration services: communion, praise and worship and teaching and preaching of the Gospel.

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