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Community Fellowship

Welcome to My Father's Business Ministries & Services "MFBMS"

We pride ourselves in being part of the Church that Jesus Built, and so we make it our business, ministry, and service to CARE FOR and INVEST IN THE LIVES OF OTHERS. Not only do we take the Gospel to the streets, but also the daily contributions of individuals, families, and businesses. Our purpose is to make more than a difference in the lives of others in our community with God's Love and Peace by sharing the Gospel, investing in people lives and leading people through their life circumstances. MFBMS is ordained and gifted by God to provides ministries and services to demonstrate that We C.A.R.E:

                                                    Change the lives of people.

                                                         Assist people in their life struggles.

                                                                           Restore people's hope.

                                                                                       Equip the hearts and minds of People.

 We partner with other churches, ministries, businesses and individuals who have a heart for helping people. We sponsor other events in the community as well as offer sponsorship for our Community Operations, Program and Help Services.

Contact Information:

Address: We C.A.R.E Center

815 North 8th Street, Suite 500

Killeen, Texas 76541

Phone: (254) 432-8200


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